Tips to keep your pets cool this Summer

Just because your furry friend is complaining about the weather like we are, doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling the heat. Pets often feel the heat MORE than humans do, firstly because they have a layer of fur/feathers/scales that keeps in body heat, and secondly because they often live outdoors and don’t have access to the … Rest of Post

Shedding: What you can do to reduce it

    Most pet owners will say that the pro’s of owning a pet far outweigh the con’s, however shedding is one con we can all attest to. One thing we may not be aware of is that although most breeds will shed some hair, there are measures that can be taken to reduce the amount. … Rest of Post

Top 10 tunes that your dog will love!

According to a recent study by the University of Glasgow, dogs prefer soft rock and reggae to other styles of music. Researchers played dogs a variety of music whilst monitoring the heart rate and behaviour of the animals, and found that stress levels dropped while listening to these styles of music. Whether or not you … Rest of Post

What Cats can teach us about how to live

Cats are such highly instinctual animals that seem to just simply know how to live. They are self-entertained, self validated, and if they aren’t provided with food and water to survive; they hunt it down. They do not need anyone or anything to help them survive, and although we love our domesticated felines as if … Rest of Post

Protect your dog this Summer

Petway Petcare’s top 4 tips for protecting your fur babies in the summer months. 1. EXERCISE Dogs will keep playing as long as their owners keep throwing the ball. Ensure exercise and play time is done in parks offering shade or resort to early morning or late afternoon sessions which are best because it is … Rest of Post

How to set up a child’s first tank

Live fish make a great first pet! They are easy to care for, quiet, and fun to watch. They don’t have to be a lot of work for Mum and Dad either. Follow these 6 simple steps, and the entire family will get hours of pleasure from your new pets. Choose the right fish There … Rest of Post

A festive time for your pet

The holidays are a festive time for us and our pets. With so much happening in the home at this time of year it is easy to overlook potential pet hazards that could hurt our four-legged friends. We will cover the top items which pose a risk to your pet, and help you protect your … Rest of Post

Behavioural solutions for stress and anxiety in our pets

Our pet’s behaviour is the best indicator that they are suffering from anxiety or stress They tell us a lot by their actions, their physiological responses, and sometimes by the “evidence” they’ve left while you’ve been at work. One of my current dogs, a rescue, shows aggressive behaviour towards the other dogs in our home, … Rest of Post

Why cats have whiskers

Cats possess many physiological attributes that give them their astounding athletic abilities; one of the most prominent features all cats share that enables this are whiskers. But why exactly do cats have whiskers? THE ANATOMY OF THE WHISKER A common mistake people make is assuming that cat whiskers and human hair are alike. The whiskers, … Rest of Post