Understanding your cat’s behaviour

Cats are mysterious creatures and understanding what’s going on in their cute little brains can be a brain teaser at times. There are, however, some typical cat behaviours that are a little easier to recognise. The difference between fighting and wrestling There can be several reasons why your cats may fight with each other although, … Rest of Post

Pets during COVID-19

The Australian population has had to endure lengthy lockdowns all over the country due to COVID-19 and as a result many were forced out of jobs or had to adapt to a ‘working from home’ lifestyle. Because of this, many families, couples, and singles struggled with the lack of socialisation and loneliness, which turned many … Rest of Post

The Pawfect Rabbit hutch set-up

Have you decided to keep a rabbit as a pet? Great! Rabbits can make wonderful companions, but before you bring your new bunny home, there are a few things you should know about the ideal set-up. The Hutch Firstly, the hutch that your bunny will make their home is recommended to be made from wood, … Rest of Post

Fish make a great first pet!

Find out how to successfully keep your fish nice and healthy. Many of you may have had tanks when you were younger and probably have a story that ended with the fish tank being placed in the shed. However, with recent advancements and developments in technology of products, fish keeping has become a lot easier. … Rest of Post

Travelling With Your Buddy

A little preparation goes a long way to providing comfort for your dog when you are travelling. Here are some of our favourite key tips to help you and your dog to have a safe trip. Make sure your dog will have a comfortable and safe space to travel and sleep. Vehicle restraints for your … Rest of Post

What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner?

Being a pet pawrent is a privilege and is very rewarding, but it is also a big responsibility. These beautiful animals rely on you, their pawrent, to take care of them, to make sure they have fresh water and food daily, that they aren’t too hot or cold and that they are kept free from … Rest of Post

Fireworks and your dog

Not all dogs are scared of fireworks but if they have previously shown signs of fear or if you aren’t 100% sure, it is better to be prepared! Over the holidays many celebrations involve fireworks. Unfortunately, the loud firework displays can cause much anxiety with our pets who can react with instinct to try and … Rest of Post

Is your pet on the podgy side?

Just like humans, weight gain and being overweight poses a serious risk to our pets health and quality of life. Did you know that pet obesity is actually the most common nutritional disorder amongst cats and dogs!? In Australia alone, over 40% of pets are overweight! It may be hard to resist giving your dog … Rest of Post

Understanding anxiety in pets

Dogs aren’t the only pets that can suffer from separation anxiety. Cats, rabbits, birds and even some reptiles have been known to go through anxious separation from their owners too. Cats Although cats are known to be independent, they are also creatures of habit. They find comfort in routine and can become stressed or anxious … Rest of Post