Bird Breeding

In nature, seasonal changes create conditions that stimulate the release of breeding hormones that give parrots the urge to breed. For most parrots this urge to breed is in response to the warm weather and increasingly longer daylight hours of spring. To get the best chances of breeding, you need to ensure that your birds … Rest of Post

Scaly Face or Leg Mite

Parasites can cause skin problems for birds, just as they do in other animals and humans. Scaly Face or Leg Mite is a burrowing parasite (Knemidokoptes) which commonly affects budgies, canaries and finches. In parrots, it is usually only a problem for budgerigars. Infected budgies lose feathers in the affected area, a condition which resembles … Rest of Post

Busting the Boredom

So the time has come for fur parents and their families to return to work and school, but what about the furchild? How do they adjust back into their normal routine after constant daily interaction to being left alone for the day? Bored pets can be destructive pets, causing damage around the house and garden. … Rest of Post

A festive time for your pet

The holidays are a festive time for us and our pets. With so much happening in the home at this time of year it is easy to overlook potential pet hazards that could hurt our four-legged friends. We will cover the top items which pose a risk to your pet, and help you protect your … Rest of Post

Budgies – Everything you need to know!

Budgies are the single most popular pet bird. They are also known as a parakeet in other part of the world including the USA. Baby budgies can be easily identified as the feathering on top of their head has a series of bars that continue down to the cere. The cere is the fleshy are … Rest of Post

Don’t forget about the bird!

On top of all the other things we need to remember when preparing to go away for a period of time, it is important to remember to prepare the pet bird! What many people don’t realise is that birds can fret when their owners go away, so it is important to ensure that you take … Rest of Post

Peach-Faced Lovebird

These lovely birds originate from Africa, and have a life expectancy of approximately 10-20 years depending on their diet and environment. Blessed with beautiful colourful plumage, they are not overly vocal birds, however they are adorable as they enjoy playing games and learning tricks. If you do want to attempt to teach a few words … Rest of Post

Avoiding Dangerous Play Items for your Budgerigar

Avoiding Dangerous play items for your Budgerigar should be high on your priority list. Whether you have one budgie or delight in caring for a small flock, you can enrich a budgie’s life and stimulate its intelligence with bird toys, personal attention, a room with a view and a vitalizing environment. You can help build a strong, … Rest of Post

A New Bird In The House?

All bird species have different cage requirements as they do care requirements. Cages provide routine, safety and hygiene for companion parrots. While it is not natural for birds to be housed in a cage it is also not natural for birds to be free roaming in a living environment such as the family home. The … Rest of Post

Foraging for Birds

Foraging is an instinctive behaviour for birds, involving searching for and finding food. It is the major activity for birds with wild birds spending 50%-70% of daylight hours foraging. Why do birds forage? Well mainly it is to feed themselves or to care for a mate or a hatchling.  Migrating birds will often forage more … Rest of Post