Fur-balls; How can you help?

First thing to remember is that your cat bringing up a fur-ball is completely natural, however if there are excessive amounts of fur-balls being brought up there may a risk of potential harm. What is a furball? The delightful package your cat may leave on your carpeted bedroom floor is compact, usually cylindrical with a … Rest of Post

Is Dairy OK for your Pet?

There is a big debate in today’s society and a lot of conflicting arguments as to whether or not milk is OK to give to your cat or dog.  To keep it simple, your pets are just like humans in the sense that they can be lactose intolerant, and most probably are. This is due … Rest of Post

Cats & Companionship

Cats make can make great companions for a number of reasons. They can be very affectionate and offer unconditional love. They can become your best friend! Cats can live in small homes and don’t require lots of space to run like dogs. Therefore they’re ideal for people living in small home such as apartments and … Rest of Post

Avoid Pet Hazards This Holiday Season

The holidays are a festive time for us and our pets. With so much happening in the home at this time of year it is easy to overlook potential pet hazards that could hurt our four-legged friends. We will cover the top items which pose a risk to your pet, and help you protect your … Rest of Post

Summer Safety For Your Kitty

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to learn some quick tips to help make life as safe and comfortable as possible for our feline friends. When the heat hits, dehydration and heatstroke are both very serious dangers that arise. If you have an indoor-only cat, remember they also love to explore outdoors. … Rest of Post

Bust Your Pet’s Boredom

Finding ways to work with the instinctual nature of your pet and channelling their energy into a positive learning experience can bring out the best in them. Both cats and dogs can track using thir acute sense of smell. Stimulate the nose by making a game out of playing hide-and-seek with treats. For your pet … Rest of Post

Is Your Cat Catnip Crazy?

What is it about Catnip? Catnip, also called “catmint”, is a perennial herb with a square hairy stalk with green/grey coloured heart shaped leaves and white or purple flowers. It is generally prescribed for environmental enrichment, and is favored by indoor and outdoor cats alike. Cats have an acute sense of smell, being in possession … Rest of Post

Black Cat Adoption?

People have been fascinated by black cats for centuries- as a result they are often falsely associated with bad luck and superstitions that evolved throughout history and across cultures. So many people are superstitious about black cats that in many locations, they have the lowest adoption rate and highest euthanasia rate simply based on the … Rest of Post

Worms in Cats & Dogs

Worms in Cats & Dogs Wriggly worms – whilst they may do our garden beds the world of good, the parasitic variety that afflict our cats and dogs are ones we would like to avoid. Worryingly, some of these worms can pass onto humans and cause health issues, so prevention and treatment is very important. … Rest of Post

Ear Care for Dogs and Cats

Alpha Ear Cleaner is a low volume, highly effective ear cleanser with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-pruritic properties. Alpha Ear Cleaner aids in the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic Otitis Externa. Knowing what your pets ‘normal’ ears look like, help detect and prevent ear problems and infections. All dogs have organisms, bacteria and yeasts … Rest of Post