The Silent Fish Killer

It’s silent. It’s violent. It’s ammonia. There is an invisible, silent assassin fluidly lurking in your tank. One that is known to cause mass extinction in your carefully crafted fish home if left unchecked. It’s a chemical that you may have heard about in chemistry class but didn’t care much about at the time. But … Rest of Post

Keeping your fish in good health over Winter

During the cooler months, fish in your home aquarium can become stressed, which, if left untreated, can lead to health problems or even death. Avoid Drafts Make sure that your fish tanks are not exposed to cold drafts at night Check Temperature Keep an eye on your tank heater by closely monitoring the water temperature … Rest of Post

Death by overheating

Extreme heat creates problems When temperatures are high, fish go into metabolic overdrive, consume more oxygen and produce more waste products. These waste products can be more toxic at higher temperatures. Here are some simple tips to use when temperatures are extreme: Cool the water Add party ice (does not contain Chlorine) or frozen water … Rest of Post

How to set up a child’s first tank

Live fish make a great first pet! They are easy to care for, quiet, and fun to watch. They don’t have to be a lot of work for Mum and Dad either. Follow these 6 simple steps, and the entire family will get hours of pleasure from your new pets. Choose the right fish There … Rest of Post

Mexican Walking Fish

Mexican walking fish are fascinating creatures looking, and often acting, like miniature pre historic monsters. These animals can grow up to 30cm in size make excellent pets, living up to 10 years. Axolotls are the larval stage of a salamander, and are different from other amphibians in that they have the ability to reproduce while … Rest of Post

Temperate Water Fish

Given the time of year, one of the questions many aquarium and pet shops get from interested fish keepers is – “Which tropical fish can I keep without a heater?”  Technically the answer to this is that no tropical fish can be kept without a heater.  But the question from the fish-keeper was most likely … Rest of Post

Freshwater Sharks

Sharks – The freshwater variety This topic of freshwater sharks is an interesting one that needs to be explained and clarified over a few times.  The fish covered by this article are the “sharks” that freshwater fish hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world keep in their home fish tanks.  They are generally fish ranging in … Rest of Post

Fish School – Fish Compatibility

Each month, we will step you through the fantastic online Fish School developed by Aquarium Industries. This month we look at Fish Compatibility. Please click on the link below:

Fish School – Water Quality

Each month, we will step you through the fantastic online Fish School developed by Aquarium Industries. This month we look at Water Quality. Please click on the link below: