Introducing a New Pet at Home

  It is very common to share your life with more than one companion animal. When you want to extend your furry family there are a few things to consider. Each introduction will vary depending on variables such as species, number of animals in the home, age, sex and temperament. Here are some tips to help the transition … Rest of Post

Peach-Faced Lovebird

These lovely birds originate from Africa, and have a life expectancy of approximately 10-20 years depending on their diet and environment. Blessed with beautiful colourful plumage, they are not overly vocal birds, however they are adorable as they enjoy playing games and learning tricks. If you do want to attempt to teach a few words … Rest of Post

Important Documentation For Your Pet

As people we rely heavily on identification documents to prove who we are. Our pets should have similar documentation which can help them in times of being lost or injured. Important documentation for your pet includes: Microchip Papers – this allows for the local and state councils, animal shelters and vets to track the identification … Rest of Post

Nutritional Needs of Senior Cats

As your cat grows older, feeding time can be a real challenge for both you and your cat. Because your cat’s nutritional needs may change or fluctuate upon reaching senior status, it’s important to understand the reasons behind them. Senior Fat Cat Facts If you notice your cat is eating less but still putting on … Rest of Post

Temperate Water Fish

Given the time of year, one of the questions many aquarium and pet shops get from interested fish keepers is – “Which tropical fish can I keep without a heater?”  Technically the answer to this is that no tropical fish can be kept without a heater.  But the question from the fish-keeper was most likely … Rest of Post

The Green Tree Frog

Ribbit! Goes the the little Green Tree Frog The White’s Green Tree Frog, or more simply known, Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea) is a tropical species of frog native to Australia.  Because of its vibrant green colour, large size and easy going nature, this variety is one of the most commonly kept species of frog. … Rest of Post

Ticks – A Year Round Risk

You can’t hide from pesky Ticks! Your dog or cat can’t hide from the fact that ticks are a year round risk to him. After the especially warm start to the winter months, ticks are still very active. In Australia, there are two types of ticks that are the most problematic, the brown dog tick … Rest of Post

What is Essential 6®?

What can Dermoscent® Essential 6® do for your pet? For your Dog and Cat, Essential 6® spot-on treatment is a unique combination of Omega 6 & Omega 3 essential fatty acids & essential oils that reduces odour, moisturises dry skin, maintains coat and skin health, improves coat shine and reduces seasonal hair loss in cats. Available in a convenient spot-on … Rest of Post

Guinea Pig Nutrition

Nutrition for your Guinea Pig DIET AND NUTRITION Guinea pigs are herbivores and if introduced to a wide range of frasses, fresh fruit and vegetables when they are young, they will not become fussy eaters. Contrary to popular belief, lettuce is not recommended as it can cause diarrhoea. They should also have constant access to … Rest of Post

Freshwater Sharks

Sharks – The freshwater variety This topic of freshwater sharks is an interesting one that needs to be explained and clarified over a few times.  The fish covered by this article are the “sharks” that freshwater fish hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world keep in their home fish tanks.  They are generally fish ranging in … Rest of Post