Your Dog Can Be Affected By Allergies Too!

Our dogs are just as vulnerable to environmental allergies as we are. It is important to recognise symptoms in order to be able to treat your pet as soon as possible and not prolong discomfort that is easily relieved. Did you know the simplest treatment for an allergy is to change your dogs food? Your … Rest of Post

Winter Bedding – Rosmans

Winter is almost upon us and now is a good time to think about keeping your pet comfortable during the colder months.  One of the most important things to consider is bedding for your pet, ensuring your choice is warm, comfortable and weather-appropriate. Rosmans has a range of indoor and outdoor beds offering different features, … Rest of Post

Common Dog Myths – Know The Facts

Know the facts to give the best care possible. Whether it’s a tip from a neighbor or something you discover on the Internet, myths about dogs can steer you in the wrong direction. Here are the facts about some common myths: My dog’s nose is warm and dry. Does that mean he’s sick? If your … Rest of Post

Black Cat Adoption?

People have been fascinated by black cats for centuries- as a result they are often falsely associated with bad luck and superstitions that evolved throughout history and across cultures. So many people are superstitious about black cats that in many locations, they have the lowest adoption rate and highest euthanasia rate simply based on the … Rest of Post

A New Bird In The House?

All bird species have different cage requirements as they do care requirements. Cages provide routine, safety and hygiene for companion parrots. While it is not natural for birds to be housed in a cage it is also not natural for birds to be free roaming in a living environment such as the family home. The … Rest of Post

Pet Emergencies

6 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW PET EMERGENCIES If you have an animal emergency, if you suspect or know that your pet has eaten or been exposed to a toxic substance or product contact your veterinarian, emergency veterinary clinic immediately. 1. Your vet’s emergency phone number2. The local emergency clinic number 3. How to get to … Rest of Post

Fish School – Fish Compatibility

Each month, we will step you through the fantastic online Fish School developed by Aquarium Industries. This month we look at Fish Compatibility. Please click on the link below:

Autumn – A Key Season for Flea Control

Autumn is the key season for flea control. Fleas can’t fly, but they sure can jump. These blood sucking insects cause irritating itching, hair loss and the flea allergies that pets sometimes suffer. Autumn,with its cooler daily temperatures, is a season that both favours longer term flea survival and development whilst still supporting flea challenge … Rest of Post

Pet Slowing Down? It Might be Time to Switch Food

The first sign that they’re slowing down is the first sign that you may need to switch food. Did you know…. One in five dogs have a joint health issues or mobility problems1, and Joint and mobility problems are common concerns reported by dog owners2? If you have noticed that your dog has slowed down … Rest of Post

Fish School – Water Quality

Each month, we will step you through the fantastic online Fish School developed by Aquarium Industries. This month we look at Water Quality. Please click on the link below: