Natural & Holistic Nutrition

Natural nutrition is the fastest growing segment of the pet food industry, worldwide. It follows that same trend in human nutrition because many pet parents have decided that feeding a more natural diet to their family is a safer and healthier approach to the welfare of their love ones. Simply put, natural nutrition is defined … Rest of Post

Protect Your Pets from Worms

The issue of worms is continually overlooked by pet owners putting their animals and family at serious risk of infection. More concerning is that your pets do not have to look sick to be carrying and transferring worm infections. The good news is it’s easy to take action with broad spectrum worming products such as … Rest of Post

Worms in Cats & Dogs

Worms in Cats & Dogs Wriggly worms – whilst they may do our garden beds the world of good, the parasitic variety that afflict our cats and dogs are ones we would like to avoid. Worryingly, some of these worms can pass onto humans and cause health issues, so prevention and treatment is very important. … Rest of Post

Fish School – Species

Each month, we will step you through the fantastic online Fish School developed by Aquarium Industries. This month we look at Fish Species. Please click on the link below:  

Foraging for Birds

Foraging is an instinctive behaviour for birds, involving searching for and finding food. It is the major activity for birds with wild birds spending 50%-70% of daylight hours foraging. Why do birds forage? Well mainly it is to feed themselves or to care for a mate or a hatchling.  Migrating birds will often forage more … Rest of Post

Just One Bite…

As the weather warms up, the mosquitoes return in numbers. Naturally, we take precautions to protect ourselves from irritating bites and disease, but what about our pets? Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease and just one bite can be deadly for your dog. How do dogs get heartworm disease? The mosquito becomes infected by feeding on a … Rest of Post

Ear Care for Dogs and Cats

Alpha Ear Cleaner is a low volume, highly effective ear cleanser with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-pruritic properties. Alpha Ear Cleaner aids in the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic Otitis Externa. Knowing what your pets ‘normal’ ears look like, help detect and prevent ear problems and infections. All dogs have organisms, bacteria and yeasts … Rest of Post

New Product from ROGZ

Suppertime just got groovier! Whether you choose the ergonomic Luna bowl, the Designer Bubble Bowl or the stainless steel slurp bowl, Retro Rex’s around the world will be begging for more.  The ROGZ bowlz come in an awesome range of colours and sizes to suit the tiniest eater up to the biggest rover in town! … Rest of Post

Fish School

Fish make wonderful pets, and are much easier to care for than you might think.  In fact, you can care for your fish tank in less time than it takes to walk your dog every day!  Now you can learn all about fish care from the experts.  Take the Aquarium Industries free training courses today.

Oz-Pet – The ODOURfree Litter Company

Oz Pet ODOURfree Litter is an Australian made wood pet litter that naturally neutralises odour…it really does stop the pee pong!! It is manufactured from waste plantation material that would otherwise be destined for landfill or burned. It can be used safely in the compost or even used as garden mulch as it is 100% … Rest of Post