Beneficial Effects of Pet Ownership

Most of us are familiar with the great joy that pets bring to our lives. A stressful day melts away as your dog excitedly greets you at the front door, or your cat curls up on your lap for a cuddle. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that owning a pet can lead to so … Rest of Post

Choozy Pet Beds

When all members of the family are tucked up in a warm bed you can sleep easy! On these freezing nights and cold days your pet deserves to be kept in a warm environment. Choozy  has been striving to achieve this for over 25 years now and have been producing Australian Made pet beds in … Rest of Post

Different Breeds Have Different Needs

We all know the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating. The same applies for your best friend. Whether you have a Chihuahua that sits in your handbag or a Labrador that takes you for a walk, Royal Canin has a breed specific diet to suit their needs. The whole Breed Health Nutrition range … Rest of Post

From the Age of Seven, Your Pet’s Dietary Needs Change

How old is your pet in human years? From 7 years of age (or 5+ years old if your dog is a large breed), your pet’s nutrition and physical needs change. In human terms, it’s equivalent to entering your 50s. And just as our nutritional and physical needs change when we’re seniors, your pet’s feeding … Rest of Post

Helping Your Fish Thrive in the Cooler Months

It’s getting cold, so now’s the time to ensure your fish are comfortable during the cooler months.  During winter, fish can become stressed, leading to health problems. This fact sheet has some great information for helping your fish to thrive when the temperature drops. One of our wonderful suppliers, Aquarium Industries, has many more free … Rest of Post

Keeping Your Dog Warm This Winter

Like humans, many dogs feel the cold and drop in temperature. With the impending change of seasons, it’s important to consider how to keep your animal companions comfortable this winter. If possible, keep your dog indoors in the chillier months, particularly at night.  When this isn’t feasible, pet coats and jackets are a great way … Rest of Post

Do Dogs Need Dog Coats?

Like humans, some dogs and especially some breeds, don’t have the ability to regulate their temperature during winter. Dog breeds have been bred for certain conditions in the past.  However, in modern times, all breeds are available almost anywhere in the world, regardless of their initial breeding purposes. A Saint Bernard needs a hair cut … Rest of Post

Plaque Off for Dogs and Cats

Oral disease begins with a build up of bacteria in your pets’ mouth. Without preventative or therapeutic care, plaque and tartar build up can lead to periodontal disease, which may damage other organs in your pets body; heart, kidneys and liver. Smelly breath can be the first indication that your pet is suffering from dental … Rest of Post