Save A Life

In Australia, every year hundreds of thousands of animals are abandoned to shelters or the street, facing an uncertain future and the very real risk of  being put down.

That’s why Just For Pets created Save A Life National Adoption day on Saturday 15th August at participating Just For Pets stores across Australia.

Our annual Save A Life Adoption day had a shift in purpose due to COVID. The day is usually a rehoming, adoption and meet and greet event, but in 2020 we just had to shake it up a little and the day became more about fundraising for animal rescue.

A big thank you to our sponsors Hill’s Science Diet and NexGard who proudly donated money from every pack, slab, bag and carton sold on the day.  We are ecstatic to have raised some much-needed money for animal rescue.  The money was raised at a store level with each store selecting their own local rescue to help out.

We weren’t going to let COVID ruin all the fun and we were lucky to have adoption animals available in some stores with all animals finding their forever homes.

Save A Life has assisted in the rehoming and adoption of over 350 animals since 2015 and helped raise the profile of rescues utilising pet stores.

We want to thank you all those who have participated over the years for being a part of this and helping animals in need.

How you can help reduce pet abandonment.

Reducing pet abandonment is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Desex your pet. Desexed pets means fewer accidental litters, feral animals and strays.
  2. Microchip your pet. If you are separated, your furry friend can be returned to you.
  3. Get help! If you’re having difficulty choosing the right pet for you, continuing to care for a pet you already have or you find an abandoned animal, speak to your local Just For Pets pet experts. They know how to help.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors