Do Dogs Need Dog Coats?

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Like humans, some dogs and especially some breeds, don’t have the ability to regulate their temperature during winter.

Dog breeds have been bred for certain conditions in the past.  However, in modern times, all breeds are available almost anywhere in the world, regardless of their initial breeding purposes. A Saint Bernard needs a hair cut in summer, a Chihuahua needs a dog coat in winter.

When looking to purchase a dog coat, it is best if you can take your dog with you to ensure the correct fit. All Just For Pets stores allow entry of your dog on a lead, and staff will happily assist you with the fitting.  Dogs will resist wearing a coat if it is uncomfortable, so a good fit is important for a dog to tolerate wearing it.

If taking your dog to the pet shop is not a possibility, then your local Just for Pets store will have a chart to choose the best size using your dog’s measurements.

The dog in our image is wearing a Weatherbeeta coat available from our Just for Pets stores.

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