Did you know that Fish get cold too?


During the cooler months, fish in your home aquarium can become stressed, which, if left untreated, can lead to health problems or even death.   At Just For Pets we have put together a quick check list to help maintain your tank as the weather gets chilly.

Avoid Drafts

Make sure that your fish tanks are not exposed to cold drafts at night

Check Temperature

Keep an eye on your tank heater by closely monitoring the water temperature with a tank thermometer. Different species of fish like to live in differing water temperatures so if you are unsure what an ideal temperature for your fish is speak to your Just For Pets Independent retailer.

Check Water Parameters

Ensure that your water quality is correct, you can purchase a quality Water Test Kit and test your water regularly or speak to your Just For Pets Independent retailer to arrange an in-store water test.

Avoid Large Water Changes

Filling the tank with cold water can reduce the temperature significantly, leading to stress and disease. Try more frequent, but smaller, water changes instead.

Seek assistance from your Just For Pets Independent pet retailer

Fish under temperature stress can commonly suffer from fungal disease or whitespot. If you feel your fish appears unwell, take a water sample and a picture of your fish into your Just For Pets Independent retailer. There are inexpensive medications available for fish you just place it into the water to make your fish feel much better!

Feed a Nutritious Diet

Speak to your Just For Pets Independent retailer to discuss feeding a nutritious diet, which will boost your fish’ immune system.

Remember if you have any questions about your fishy friend or any other pets in your household, your local Just For Pets Independent Pet Retailer is able to assist you! Find your nearest store here

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