Is your pet up to date?

As pet owners, we know that we have a responsibility to keep our pets up to date with their vaccination schedule, but just what do our pets need to stay up to date?

Dog vaccinations

If your dog is a social pet and is in regular contact with other dogs. It is advised to vaccinate your dog with both core and non-core vaccines, although a consultation with your Vet is necessary before making such decisions.

Core dog vaccines

In Australia, core vaccines for dogs include:
• canine distemper virus
• canine adenovirus
• canine parvovirus

These vaccines are commonly together in one injection called a ‘C3’ vaccine.

Non-core vaccines include:

In Australia, non-core vaccines for dogs include:
• parainfluenza virus
• bordetella bronchiseptica
• leptospira interrogans

Cat vaccinations

Cats love to go on adventures and have their own private time, it is important as pet owners to our protect cats and ensure they are safe from catching infectious diseases. It is recommended to protect both your pet and the local wildlife to keep our cats contained.

There are several vaccines available for cats and it is important for you to discuss with your Vet which vaccinations are suitable according to your cat’s needs and habits.
Core cat vaccines

In Australia, core vaccines for cats include:

• feline parvovirus
• feline calicivirus
• feline herpesvirus

Non-core vaccines for cats include:

• feline immunodeficiency virus
• feline leukaemia virus
• chlamydia felis
• bordetella bronchiseptica

If you have any questions regarding your pet’s vaccination schedule please see your local vet, or visit your local Just For Pets store for more information.

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