DIY Dog Wash

Although pet experts will recommend you wash your dog weekly, if your dog is smelly, dirty or they’ve had fun playing in the ocean or mud, that tells you it’s time for a bath!

Dog washing allows you to clean your dog’s fur and prevent matting. This is important to stop the development of yucky fungal and bacterial infections that thrive when moisture and oils from your dog’s skin are trapped under their fur, requiring veterinary attention.

However, many owners find the chore of washing their dog messy and cumbersome. That’s why many Just For Pets stores offer a DIY Dog Wash. It’s a quick and easy no mess, no fuss way to wash your dog.

Our dog wash stations are designed to be easy on your back while they keep your pet safe and contained. They include a clean, no skid floor with a soft-touch hose, which is water efficient and environmentally friendly. You can easily wash, condition and blow dry your dog and provide flea and tick treatment.

So instead of struggling in your laundry tub, back yard or your own bathroom, visit one of our DIY dog wash stations. Clean, healthy dogs, the easy way!

Find your nearest Just For Pets DIY Dog Wash here.