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An Independent Choice

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An Independent Choice
Independent pet stores are the backbone of the Australian Pet Industry, an industry born out of true passion and a desire to help pet owners and their beloved pets live happy and healthy lives.

Independents have supported and helped nurture pets and their families for many years and now, more than ever they need the support of their local community to ensure that passion is not gobbled up in favour of profits and fat sales targets.

The Pet Industry is facing a change like it has never before seen, the expansion of corporate pet shops (box stores), who have large marketing budgets and high sales targets to boot.

Mass marketing, clever advertising and brightly painted buildings sometimes make it seem as though a box store is the cheaper place to shop for all your pets’ needs but quite often your local Independent store is just as competitive and in some cases cheaper in their everyday prices, not to mention when you need EXPERT advice they know their stuff!

Independents have access to a wider variety of product ranges and by doing this the support network extends to smaller wholesalers (think of it like the food chain) which rely on the independent Pet Industry to continue to survive. Sadly, as the need for these wholesalers diminishes due to the expansion of the box stores along goes with it product choice and another family owned business.  Majority of the businesses that independents rely on for products on a daily basis are small family owned businesses too.

Have you noticed that just around the corner or just down the road from your local family owned pet store a big box corporate store has popped up? This box store may bring along job opportunities but on the other hand it is taking away from a well-established store that has been serving the community for decades, offering friendly service, great prices, EXPERT advice and in most cases, remembers you by the name of your pet!

Chances are if your local independent doesn’t have the product on the shelf they can have it for you within a few days.

Just For Pets was born to help the independents grow their business, to help them to thrive and survive, with better buying power, access to marketing opportunities that are sometimes well out of reach and to welcome them into a family of knowledge, advice and support.

So next time your pet needs food, parasite preventative, treats or even just a toy or two (cause you can never buy just one) check out your local Just For Pets Independent pet store, find your nearest one HERE

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