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How to select quality toys for your pet

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How to select quality toys for your pet
What should you look for when purchasing toys for your pets?

Our pets never stop finding ways to have a good time, but they rely on us as owners to ensure what they use will keep them safe and not expose them to any harm.

Toys are an important aspect of your pet’s play time, but it’s important to choose the right toy for age and ability.

Toys can have a range of styles, including interactive puzzles, chew toys, chew toys filled with treats, and throw-and-retrieve toys.

You can find cheap toys in discount stores, but many of them cannot withstand our pets’ rough and tumble play. Very often, the stitching and fabric tear away after the first use and this can become a dangerous choking hazard.

The type of toys you find in your local pet shop differ greatly to those of inferior quality. Although some can look just the same, there is a difference in the way they are made and tested and that is reflected in the price you pay. A bit like the cheap toys we have probably purchased for kids, not long after you get it home do the parts start to fall off and the pieces go into the mouth.

Then, there is selecting the right sized toy for your pet. Larger dogs can choke quite quickly on small balls or toys, which is one reason why toys come in different sizes.

Your local Just For Pets store is trained to assist you with selecting the right toy for your pet, be it a dog, cat or even a bird that needs stimulation. Our Pet Experts are here to assist and offer advice.

Just like dogs, cats thrive on mental stimulation. They can sometimes come across quite lazy and this is where we as pet owners have a responsibility to get that lazy kitty off of the couch.

Cats enjoy play that mimics natural predatory behaviour with short bursts of activity. Games that stimulate the drive to chase, pounce and catch are popular. It’s important to think outside the box when selecting cat toys. Frolicat & GiGwi have some amazing products that provide fun and entertainment for your kitty while you’re not at home. You can try the interactive Frolicat laser toys & GiGwi droids

Look for a brand that is committed to quality and doesn’t cut corners on design, testing or implementation.

A Tennis ball is just for that, Tennis

Most dog owners have thrown a tennis ball or two to their ball-loving dogs. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how unhealthy and dangerous tennis balls are for your dog’s health. Regular tennis balls are designed for, well, tennis

An observant dog owner may notice how his or her dog’s teeth may be showing signs of shortness and bluntness after prolonged play with tennis balls. Although this happens over time, the abrasive felt of the tennis ball strips away the enamel from the tooth’s surface causing the teeth to wear away. Consider switching to balls designed for dogs by dog toy manufacturers, such as KONG, GiGwi, Kazoo and Yours Droolly. There is a huge selection to choose from!

Speak to your local Just For Pets independent pet store for great advice when selecting your next pets’ next toy.

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