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What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner?

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What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner?
Being a pet pawrent is a privilege and is very rewarding, but it is also a big responsibility.

These beautiful animals rely on you, their pawrent, to take care of them, to make sure they have fresh water and food daily, that they aren’t too hot or cold and that they are kept free from parasites and other nasties.

So, we’ve put together a few ideas about what we think it means to be a responsible pet owner, we’d love to hear how you are a responsible pet owner and if you think we’ve forgotten anything!

  • Yearly check ups at the Vet
  • Keeping your pet’s vaccinations and parasite treatments up to date
  • Feeding quality food, ensuring they receive the correct nutrition
  • Access to shade, comfortable bedding and clean – fresh water
  • Ensuring a healthy weight, podgy pets aren’t always healthy pets. You can weigh your pet regularly at your local Just For Pet store
  • Fitting them with an ID tag and where possible a microchip (ensuring your details are up to date)
  • Picking up after your pet whilst out of your yard or cleaning of the litter tray
  • Regular grooming maintenance, this also helps you to see any issues with the skin & coat
  • If your pet is kept in an enclosure, like a bird or bunny, regular cleaning
  • Constant supply of enrichment toys, these keep your pet mentally stimulated and entertained
  • Desexing, no one wants unplanned litters, but also consider the health aspects of a desexed pet
  • Socialisation
  • Regular exercise will keep you and your pet healthy and you might even make a friend or two along the way

Ensure you have knowledge in the type of pet you own, for example if you own a fish, do you know the ideal water conditions, what food it should eat and how often to cycle your tank?

You can speak to the pet expert at your local Just For Pets store for knowledge, advice & tips on all things pets.

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