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What is the right bird for your family?

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What is the right bird for your family?
When looking to add a bird for your family, there are lots of things to consider.

Doing basic research on the key aspects of birds is a great place to start. There are many species of birds to choose from. They vary in size, colour and intelligence. Pet birds, also known as companion birds, vary from a canary to a macaw. Smaller birds, like a budgie or cockatiel can be great for children, while larger birds, like Eclectus parrots and macaws, are more suitable for adult bird lovers.

A budget should be considered along with how much personal time you can provide them.  Seeking advice from your local Just For Pets store would be a good idea to get the basics of what breed of bird is most suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

Before choosing to purchase a bird, it is wise to check its behaviour. For example, does it bite, is it happy, is it sitting alone fluffed up? Biting birds can be managed and trained but it takes confidence.

Some baby birds will follow you and want your attention. This is a great behaviour to have and can become very suitable for a family environment.

Birds can be great friends to anyone that is willing to be friends with them. Many are capable of forming relationships with the whole family.

Doing research and finding the bird that best suits your family’s lifestyle are the keys to gaining as much as you can from having a pet bird.

Speak to the pet expert at your local Just For Pets independent pet store for more tips and advice