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Your Pet and Back to School Blues

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Your Pet and Back to School Blues

And just like that our summer holidays have come to an end. Have you considered that your pets could be bored or lonely without you?

Bored pets can be destructive pets, causing damage around the house and garden.

Dogs and cats need to be kept busy when they are at home on their own.

Cats are born explorers and dogs are very playful creatures, so they need toys to keep them stimulated and keep their brain actively working.

Fun toys that provide a mental challenge are great for keeping your pet entertained during the hours while you’re away from home.

Toys can have a range of styles, including interactive puzzles, chew toys, chew toys filled with treats, and throw-and-retrieve toys.

Check out the range of KONG Wobblers and toys, some are even great to freeze for a hot day with some yummy treats inside.

Try out different kinds of toys to see what they like the most to play with and put different toys out on different days to keep them interesting.

Set up hide ‘n’ seek activities for your dog.  Dogs love to dig, why not set up a sandpit just for your dog and bury a few of his/her favourite toys?

Just like dogs, cats thrive on mental stimulation. They can sometimes come across quite lazy and this is where we as pet owners have a responsibility to get that lazy kitty off the couch.

Cats love to hunt and explore so need areas with spaces they can hide in as well as toys to pounce on. For a cat, hang some dangly toys from their scratching post such as a toy mouse with a bell or feathered toys.

Frolicat & GiGwi have some amazing interactive laser and droid products that provide fun and entertainment for your kitty while you’re not at home.

Birds enjoy the company of humans and are very social creatures, don’t be surprised if the bird starts to show signs of boredom too, a bored bird can turn on itself or its environment very quickly.

Include toys for them to climb on and provide a bit of a game; texture and shred-able items in the Feathered Friends range are very popular and so are treats that they have to forage around to find their food, just like the FORAGE Pine Cone Seed Treats, these are suitable for small or large types of birds.

And just like dogs, change up the toys for your bird regularly and keep them stimulated.

It’s important to know that the type of toys you find in your local pet shop differ greatly to those of inferior quality.

Although some can look just the same shape & colour, there is a difference in the way they are made and tested and that is reflected in the price you pay. A bit like the cheap toys we have probably purchased for kids, not long after you get it home do the parts start to fall off and they end up in the bin.

Speak to your local Just For Pets independent pet retailer for lots of great boredom busting solutions for all the pets in your life.

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