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Pet Health Check

At Just For Pets we pride ourselves on empowering pet owners with the knowledge, services and quality brands they need to take great care of their pets.
Because we love animals so much, we offer an in store FREE Pet Health Check to help you understand your pet's needs and answer any niggling questions.

You will leave feeling confident that your pet is on the right track or if it needs any further veterinary assistance.

We check 6 important areas of health for your pet:

  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Dental Health
  • Skin & Coat Care
  • Joint Mobility
  • Parasites (worms, ticks and fleas)
  • Behaviour Management

So how does it work?

  • Take your pet into a Just For Pets store for its health check. The expert staff will find out what the needs of your pet are based on your pet's breed, gender, age and if your pet is showing any signs of being unwell, overweight, having bad breathe etc.
  • We have a directory of reliable, caring vets we can recommend should your pet need further assistance.
  • No need to book – just come into the store.
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