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Fleas Love Summer

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Fleas Love Summer
Fleas love summer; humidity and warmer temperatures create the perfect setting for fleas to flourish and trigger an outbreak in your home.

The adult fleas you can see on your pet represent only 5% of the total flea population. The other 95% lurk in the pet's home environment as eggs, larvae and pupae, waiting for the right conditions before they hatch and wreak havoc.

Although they may not be visible, fleas lay up to 50 eggs a day. These eggs are shed from your pet into the home environment. Eggs hatch into larvae which can end up hiding in your carpet, rugs, cough or cracks in the floorboards. Larvae then develop into pupae which lurk in the home environment, waiting for the presence of a host (you or your pets) to prompt them to emerge as adult fleas and start feeding.

Without prevention, your home may be at risk of a flea infestation, and it may be from causes beyond your control.

Fleas thrive in damp, shady areas found in your garden and especially under your house. Their eggs can be shed from neighbourhood pets, rodents or native animals that have access to your garden or home. To prevent your home becoming a summer breeding ground for fleas, it's crucial to treat your pets monthly during the summer season and all through the year. Missing just one monthly treatment can quickly lead to a re-infestation.

For complete protection choose FRONTLINE PLUS©, the only treatment that kills all four stages of the flea lifecycle, protecting your pet and home.

  • One ingredient (fipronil) kills adult fleas and the other,
  • (S) ƒ?? methoprene, prevents eggs, larvae and pupae developing into adult fleas, effectively breaking the flea life cycle.
For best results, always use FRONTLINE PLUS© montly on all dogs and cats. FRONTLINE PLUS© kills ticks* on dogs too. Tips for Better Flea Control
  • Treat all dogs and cats in your household for fleas every month with FRONTLINE PLUS©
  • Vacuum your home regularly to assist with the removal of eggs and to stimulate fleas to emerge
  • Regularly wash pet blankets and bedding in hot water (>60øC for 10 minutes)
  • Prevent untreated animals from entering your home
  • Reduce outside sources of flea contamination (eg block pet access to under the house and keep moist, shady areas free from debris)
* For paralysis tick control on dogs, FRONTLINE PLUS© must be applied every 2 weeks. For paralysis tick control on cats, use FRONTLINE© SPRAY every 3 weeks. Always read the label instructions.
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