Cats & Companionship


Cats make can make great companions for a number of reasons. They can be very affectionate and offer unconditional love. They can become your best friend!

Cats can live in small homes and don’t require lots of space to run like dogs. Therefore they’re ideal for people living in small home such as apartments and flats and people without backyards and gardens.

Cats are low maintenance. They require to be fed twice a day and have fresh drinking water. They need minimal grooming as cats have excellent self-cleaning habits. Depending on the breed and type of hair however they may require regular brushing; for example if they have short hair they may only need to be brushed once a week, however if your cat has long hair they will need brushing everyday.

A cat requires a litter tray that will need scooping out regularly. The litter box situation is a lot easier and highly convenient in comparison to a dogs toilet routine outside.

They can have a positive effect on their owners health including; reduced levels of stress, depression and lower blood pressure. The presence of cats in the home also reduces the risk of allergies and asthma in children.

Cats can be entertaining to watch at play and very fun to play with. Especially as kittens, cats love to mess about with toys; for example pretend mice, feathers on strings and ping-pong balls.

Cats make great companions as they don’t smell! They have impeccable hygiene standards and routines so you’ll often see them devoting hours of their day to licking themselves.

Most cats are fairly quiet especially as they get older. Kittens can have quite a bit of energy and tend to peak around midnight as they sometimes feel that is a very suitable play time. Cats also like to snooze, a lot! They will often jump at any opportunity to snooze away in your lap any chance they get to be pet they’ll usually take.

They are very content to be alone and independent. If you have an outdoor cat you may not see him or her till late in the day as they’ve spent the day exploring the neighbourhood and perhaps fell asleep for a while in a bush or two. If you have an indoor cat they have probably discovered all the best hiding spots and comfortable places for a cat nap and will still manage to disappear for half the day.

It’s also important to ensure you feed your cat the good quality premium food.  This will leave your cat happy and healthy and you’ll be left with having the best feline friend you could possibly imagine having.


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