The Unique Bond Between Horses & Humans


“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Sir Winston Churchill

This quote describes the unique, special bond humans can experience with horses.

Humans and horses have been working together as a team for thousands of years. The relationship has not always been honest on the human side but horses remain honest.

As horses have been side by side with humans for centuries, domesticated horses have an ability to assess a human’s emotional wellbeing and will attempt to form a relationship. However, interestingly horses don’t attempt to create a relationship with any other predator.

As discovered through a pilot study conducted by Alliant International University Professor Ellen Gehrke and the Institute of HeartMath, a horses heart rhythms reflect their emotional state and can respond to the emotional state of a nearby human. Therefore it is suggested that horses can mirror a humans feelings.

Domestic horses are reliant on humans for their survival, comfort and wellbeing. This can be the start of a trusting relationship as not unlike human relationships, equine-human relationships take effort, time and dedication but trust is always paramount.

Horses are sensitive, loyal and make great companions. Horses can teach us a new, simpler, more spiritual way of life. Living in the moment as they do brings us peace, serenity and connection.

Horses can be there for you when you need a friend. As Anne Shrago’s, Equine Essences ‘Horses: a spiritual prescription for women’ article suggests “when we become part of a trusting human-equine relationship, we begin to notice when we hurt, they seek to soothe our pain”.  Therefore when we aren’t happy horses will seek to comfort us. It becomes are reciprocal, caring and unique relationship that enhances your wellbeing.

The bond between horses and humans is special and individualised. However that everyone can benefit form this partnership and it is one to be treasured.

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